Here’s what students and parents are saying about Garfield School!

Garfield is a second family and home for my children; I cannot thank all the staff enough for the genuine kindness and supporting dedication they show everyday to make this place so special. I truly feel honored my kids can grow and learn in this unique school.”

– Parent, Nov. 2023

Garfield School is seriously THE BEST; cannot imagine a better fit for our family. The level of TLC and thoughtfulness that the teachers and staff invest in the kids is truly special. Activities like the school garden, growing pumpkins, pressing apple cider, making sourdough bread, making “stone soup”, school BBQs, surfing field trips – they enrich our kids’ lives so much. The small class sizes are incredible – every child is seen and nurtured in whatever customized ways are needed. There is a real sense of community and the campus vibe is warm and cozy. We love Garfield!”

– Parent, Dec. 2023

“I could sing Garfield School’s praises all day long. Both of my step-children graduated from Garfield School, so it was only natural to choose them for my 5 year old son. And although I was already very familiar with Garfield, the thought of dropping my son off and leaving him was something I had never done and was just not something I was comfortable with. So, to ease my anxiety, Kathy let me stay in her office for the first two weeks of school so that both my son and I could more easily transition into the school year. The principal, Michael Quinlan, was also very supportive of me and my son and the anxiety that can come with starting school. I am happy to say that I am very active at the school, volunteering whenever and wherever I can, and my son continues to grow and thrive at Garfield School.”

– Abie Rose Lee, Parent, Nov. 2023

“We love Garfield School! The school community and staff have become family, which has helped our children thrive socially and academically.”

– Parent, Dec. 2023