Nutrition Program

We would like to take a moment to inform Garfield families of some positive changes made to our school lunch program! In partnership with Freshwater School, local Humboldt Grass-Fed Beef, locally grown veggies, organic flour, and organic sugar are now being served every day at Garfield School. Products that included hydrogenated oils and corn syrup have been removed from the menu, as well. In addition, all student lunches are being made with whole ingredients, “by scratch” in the Freshwater School kitchen. We also now offer a vegetarian option every day on our lunch menu!

A big thanks to Chris Hollen, the Freshwater Cook, her crew, and to our own Summer Zimpelman for prioritizing the health and well-being of our students. We appreciate you!

We are also very thankful for the now finished construction of our new kitchen! A big thanks to Ray Blair for all of his hard work and dedication, and to everyone else that helped make this happen! We appreciate you too!